InvariMatch: Shazam for movies

Movies can have similar properties to music. For example, you might remember some footage from the movie you saw when you were a child, and want to find it to refresh your memories. Or you just want to find out the title of the movie with your favourite actor.

A few years ago Shazam service was created to search for music by fragments. Shazam uses the device’s microphone to record a piece of music that comes from any source and compares it with its central database. If the system finds a match, it shows the name of the track and artist to a user. It’s not a surprise that Shazam became extremely popular in just a few years and allowed tens of thousands of people around the world to find their favourite tracks.

InvariMatch can fulfill the same demand, but for video search. The project is still under development, but has great potential and is already being provided to a number of large companies. For users InvariMatch is available in a limited version – the InvariVersum application. Here are just a few of the features of the service.

  • Search for movies and video clips by fragments

InvariMatch easily turns into Shazam for movies. Suppose you see a meme, a fragment of a movie or movie frames in some video, and want to find the original. You take a video (it can be a link to YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video hosting or a video on your computer),  upload it to InvariMatch and click to search for matches. Then the application compares your fragment with a central database, and after processing is completed, the system shows you a similar video and a percentage of matches.

Immediately after installation, there are no videos in the InvariMatch database, but if the customer (film studios or copyright holder) needs to, InvariMatch can easily have  any number of films added to its database.

  • InvariMatch recognizes video in any quality

The advantages of the InvariMatch application are high video recognition accuracy and 0.01% of false positives. InvariMatch recognizes fragments of video even in very low quality or severe distortions (frames, slicing, changing video speed, etc.) and precisely finds matches with the original.

  • Upload your videos to the database

The main condition is that the original video has to be uploaded to the InvariMatch database. Several thousand popular clips and videos are already uploaded to the InvariMatch. Users can add videos from popular hosting sites and replenish the database. For example, if you are a YouTube blogger and you are worried about your copyright, upload your original videos to the database to look for matches on the Internet. The search results can be used to prove copyright if your video content was used for commercial purposes without your permission.

  • Copyright Protection Guarantee

InvariMatch is much more than just Shazam for movies. In the future, the application will be useful not only for users who are looking for original videos, but also for copyright protection agencies, bloggers, musicians, video makers and everyone who cares about the safety of their video content and copyright compliance.