Identification and reverse video search technology

What can InvariVision do

and when is it a must?

Full and segmented video search

It is a must for video hosting agencies, video content creators, and copyright registration agencies

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Monitoring of new Video Releases

It is a must for marketing agencies, advertisement buyers, and the Mass Media

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Video identification

It is a must for system integrators, researchers and video archive owners

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Our services are relevant for both corporations and private customers.

Contact Us in the event you need help identifying InvariMatch package that best suits your needs. We will be more than happy to provide assistance when making your selection. Additionally, our technology allows us to tailor our products to your individual needs.

About us

We are a small, yet very ambitious, company. We were able to create a product which can be applied to various fields that require video identification, providing solutions to an array of problems that arise in these fields. We continuously improve our product and adapt it to our clients’ needs.

Maksim Kamensky, Co-founder of InvariVision