Aside from search of full or partial copies, our piece of technology allows to monitor advertised video clips on TV and Internet. You will receive a complete database of all videos within the timeframe and location you specify, and any tags relative to the topic or ad-buyer. Tags may include for example, “alcoholic beverage”, “infant formula”, “Nestle”, etc. The system can generate statistical and analytic reports in the form of easily readable tables, graphs, and diagrams.

InvariVision allows

Ad-buyers to see where and when their video ads were being run;
Marketers to analyze video advertisement markets;
Journalists and Mass Media to have access to complete panoramic view of ads being run on their platforms.

How it works

InvariVision allows to work with video archives, identify videos and mark them by tags based on the content. Also, we can provide you with the license to use our software (identification technology, computing cluster, etc.) as a system integration within your own solutions. The price of the system is based on the configurations you choose.

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