InvariMatch is a tool used to search for full or segmented video copies.

It helps protect copy rights and fights against illegal or unwanted content.

InvariMatch allows the creators of video content to be informed where and how their video content was used, either in full or partially.
It allows the agencies that protect copyright rights to automatically be informed when the rights of their clients are being infringed upon.
It allows video hosting companies to scan uploaded videos to find undesired content even in a format of short clips inserted into video file. This function allows to compile black lists and prevent the upload of duplicate files not congruent with the policies of the hosting agency.

The benefits

This technology can work with unlimited amounts of video content
Identification of video segments in different videos. The system breaks down videos into segments and compares them frame by frame.
Minimized false identifications—less than 0.01%-- eliminates the need for manual recheck.
Identification of edited videos and low-resolution videos.
Possibility to upgrade services based on your needs.
Price based on the amounts of video content being processed.
Guaranteed dedicated server use when you buy “Business”, “Business Plus” and “Enterprise” packages.
Ability to integrate InvariMatch with other systems via REST API