Monitoring of the InvariMatch work on servers

As soon as we started providing our video recognition system to customers, it became necessary to monitor its stability. Without seeing the system parameters, it can be difficult to understand what is happening, and we had to make assumptions about the nature of the failure guided only by external signs. This was inconvenient and didn’t allow us to understand the cause of the problem and be able to respond to it fast enough. Therefore, we decided to install a monitoring system.

One of our first customers already had Zabbix installed, so we decided to use it. On October 6, 2017, we transferred all the technical parameters of InvariMatch there, so that the system administrator could monitor them and receive data on failures in real time.

Zabbix system is suitable for monitoring the status of services on many computers. It shows the system parameters in the form of graphs. Zabbix uses MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or Oracle Database to store data and supports several types of monitoring.

From the very beginning, we used graphs to monitor InvariVision. It’s easier to understand and analyze changes in the system’s work that way.

Thanks to Zabbix, we can see the number of videos that have been scanned and added to the system in the last hour, how many matches were found, how many requests the system is processing, how many are in the queue, etc. This allows us to monitor the InvariMatch performance, see faults in its work, analyze the data and improve our technology.

core perfomance
network traffic
pipeline activity

A few months after connecting Zabbix, it became necessary to collect data for each error individually and monitor how common they were. In February 2018, we divided the error graphs in the system into three parts and made templates to quickly add parameters to new services.

Zabbix allowed us to get complete data about the systems’ operation on client servers and computers. For example, if we see the load on the system drop, this could mean that a failure has occurred on the client’s side or it could just be some adjustment works. Thanks to this feature, we can quickly find and fix errors in the system.

Zabbix has been on the market for about 20 years. Many analogs have appeared during this time, but there is no need to switch to another monitoring system as of now. Zabbix does its job just fine as well as making our work much more comfortable.