The launch of the new InvariMatch user interface

In the beginning of April 2019, we completely overhauled the InvariMatch interface, making it more convenient.

We’ve been thinking about updating it since 2017. In 2014, when we just launched InvariMatch, we were working with big customers and gave them access to our software via an API. Regular users did not interact with the application. However, the concept of our application has been changing over time. The more we improved our video recognition technology, the more we considered the needs of ordinary users. As a result, we decided to change the InvariMatch interface and make it more convenient and up-to-date.

We had been working on new features since September 2018. We took the former interface and functionality of InvariVersum as a basis and began to develop the concept of the new interface from there.

Most of our users are already accustomed to beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. We didn’t want to lag behind so we invited a designer we had worked with previously. A week later, we realized that our vision of the application interface does not align with what the designer had in mind.

In the end, we found a designer with whom we had a complete mutual understanding of what the application interface should be. And here’s what we did.

interface 2019

Our primary focus was functionality. We split project into component parts by type into a layered onion-like structure – from basic mechanisms to some more complex ones.

scanning results page 2019

By the end of 2018, the design of all 23 pages of the application was ready. After a couple of months, InvariMatch was launched on the site with the new and updated interface.

new InvariMatch interface

Later, we made some tweaks to the design of the interface. And finally, at the beginning of April 2019, we released the application to the users just the way we imagined it in the very beginning. Thanks to the intuitive interface of InvariMatch, every user can now easily upload videos to our website, adding them to the database, as well as look for matches.