InvariMatch have started to work with video hostings links

Before the development of the global InvariVersum service the InvariMatch primary search engine has worked only with the direct links to video files. We added the ability to download videos from popular video hosting sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and others) to InvariVersum in May 2018.

We planned to add this function from the very beginning of the InvariVersum development. We supposed it would make our system more convenient to use and turn it into a full-featured video search engine. We have started to develop this feature in March 2018, and, three months later, it became available for all our customers.

What’s the benefit for our clients?

  • Convenience. The ability to work directly with the video hosting links.
  • Traffic saving. The video recognition system correctly identifies the matches even on a low-resolution video. Therefore, preliminary request for video hosting allows us to choose the most compact video file for download.
  • Access to video description. TThe system automatically takes the video name and description from the hosting sites. It simplifies the database filling and makes the InvariVersum system more user-friendly.

Additional features

  • Expanded error messages
    The InvariVersum system notifies the users about the problems when downloading videos (site format, unknown video hosting, …). .
  • Conversion of links to a uniform hosting format
    For example, all YouTube links are converted from or, and hidden links are converted from to the classic look:

Since the May 2018, all new customers have received InvariMatch with support for all favorite video hosting sites. Also, the system is optimized for ubiquitous YouTube.

So stay with us and get new opportunities for your business every month.