TV channels archive

We have added 3 days archive for each TV channel. It’s much easier to check how recognition works and what was shown on channel before and after recognized films. Archive can be accessed for each channel from list of channels.

Channel list

Channel list

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New visualization – Timeline

We have added to our site new visualization mode – timeline.
Select it in “Show results as” on Results page.

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Video recognition quality improved

We have improved video recognition quality. Performance is x5 faster and accuracy of recognition is 19% better. This became possible due to specialization for TV sources of our generic all-purpose image recognition algorithm.

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Backup for TV channels

Each TV channel have several backup sources now. System will automatically switch between sources in case of translation problems.

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10 Ukrainian TV channels are being tracked for advertisements

We’ve selected 10 most viewed TV channels in Ukraine and started to track advertisements on these channels.

List of currently tracked channels:

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Export of recognition results to Excel

We’ve added ability to export results of film recognition to CSV document that could be opened later in Excel.

Statistics include:

  • Film name – name of file with video clip (film) being searched in video stream (channel)
  • Film length – duration of video clip (film) in seconds
  • Channel name – name of video stream (channel) where video clips (films) are being recognized (it could be TV channel, or movie)
  • Channel position – where was film located in channel, in seconds
  • Film position – position in film, where recognition started.
  • Fragment length – duration of recognized fragment in seconds.
  • Found time/date – time when recognition was registered in system.

You can download example .csv file with 1 hour of recognition.

Example of generated CSV document

Example of generated CSV document

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We’ve started site for video recognition service.

Currently service is working in test mode and provides recognition of advertisement clips running on Ukrainian TV channels.

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