Competing technologies

Short review of main image recognition methods, their good (marked with green color) and bad (marked with red color) sides.

Fingerprint (digital print)

  • widespread and well explored technology
  • support of large volumes of video
  • cannot find small sized parts of the video (less than 5-10 minutes)
  • low reliability of recognition of short videos
  • characteristics of the algorithm are very dependent on the method of creating the print

Template-based algorithms

  • work fast
  • able to store many images
  • almost do not have well-functioning realizations except our AVM technology
  • do not cope well with overlapped images
  • do not recognize rotated images

Features selection

  • well explored technology
  • able to find partially closed images
  • find rotated images
  • works slowly
  • recognize a little number of objects
  • big percentage of false operations