The recognition technology was developed for many years by a group of like-minded engineers as a powerful tool for quick retrieval of images. The basis of the technology is a template-based recognition algorithm of images – AVM (Associative Video Memory), which is able to work with a huge number of images, has high reliability and high speed search.

Exactly because of this rapid mechanism, the development of a recognition system of the video that has unique characteristics became possible. In fact the mechanism watches a movie frame by frame, just as man does it, distinguishing individual images, which allows the mechanism to find even short-duration fragments of familiar video.

The recognition technology is supplemented with cluster processing system that allows to scale flexibly the search engine to any kind of loads.

Used video compression technology enables to accelerate video processing and to increase the number of stored recognizable images hundreds of times.

Independent control unit of a robot is sold as part of a package RoboRealm.

All solutions are constantly used and have passed the test of time.