Invarivision Tracker

Invarivision Tracker system provides service that allow customers
to make audit of TV channels or any other video
with help of automatically recognition of the video content.


Key words

  • Film is the source video that we want to search.
  • Channel is the video for scanning where we could search our films.
  • Fragment is the part of source video that would be found on channels.

How it works

Get start

  1. Click on Registration link and further fill registration form and press "Sign Up".
  2. Check up your email where would come the letter from our server and further you should
    pass along link to finish registration. Please check settings of your spam filter if you
    did not get our letter.
  3. Now you have account and you can login to the search system.

How to get the found fragments
  1. First you should login to the search system.
  2. Further choose"RESULTS" page (now you can see daily results on all channels).
  3. If you want to find results of searching for some specific films then you should remove
    checkbox "Date from" and set it after "Film name". Further you should input the film
    name (for example "Mcdonalds") and press "Find fragments".
  4. Now you can see results according to your request.
  5. If you want to see visualisation of found fragment you should pass along link in
    "Fragment length" column of result table.

Film's capturing from live channel
  1. First you should download and install "VLC media player".
  2. Now start "VLC media player" and then choose "View \ Advanced Controls" from
    popup menu of the main dialog window.

  3. Choose from main menu "Media \ Open Network Stream..." and further you should
    copy your channel link to the "network URL" field and press "Play".
  4. Use additional "Record" button for starting and stopping of film recording from the live
  5. You can get your recorded film from your "Documents" folder.
  6. Further you should rename recorded video file (just invent more convenient name) and
    then upload it to the search system.

Film's upload
  1. Choose "FILMS" page.
  2. Click on "Upload video file" and then click "Choose file". Further click "Submit".
  3. If you have direct link to your video file that is placed on file exchange server (unfortunately
    but links from YouTube are not working yet) then you can copy it to the input field and
    press "Add link".
  4. You can see your uploaded film in your list if you click on "My films" link below.

  1. Choose "SCANNING" page.
  2. Copy channel link to the input field and press "Add link".
  3. If you have video file that you want to scan you should click on "Upload video file" and then click
    "Choose file". Further click "Submit".
  4. You can see your added channel in your list if you click on "My channels" link below.